Direct Vent Fireplaces

These are glass-faced sealed fireplaces with a venting system that pulls fresh air from outside the home. With Direct Vent you will have a more realistic log set and flame presentation, no odors or irritants in the room, low moisture output, and no sooting.


Vent Free Fireplaces

These fireplaces do no require a vent pipe and can be added to places in the home when venting is not possible. Vent free fireplaces are more cost-efficient and produce more heat output, however, local codes can dictate where in the home they are allowed for safety purposes.


More Fireplace Options

Gas Fireplaces

These can be either direct vent or vent-free depending on gas line and log set-up.

Electric Fireplaces

These are vent-free and typically run at a lower cost than gas fireplaces.

Wood-burning Fireplaces

These are always vented and create an authentic live fire experience.

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